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  • About Domain Name Appraisals - A domain name appraiser, offering 2 types of services. Will also appraise international domains.
  • Accurate Domains - Services include standard and premier appraisals for a single domain name or group packages.
  • - Professional appraisal certificates. Also offers buying and selling services.
  • Back of the Envelope - Domain name appraisal services, as well as tips for buying and selling domains.
  • - Domain appraiser that bases values on 10 fields.
  • DNS Research - Website offering expired domains and appraisal services.
  • Domain Critics - Domain name registration and appraisals.
  • Domain Duck - Offers domain appraisals, news coverage and resources.
  • - Auctions, sales and appraisals.
  • Domain Name Classifieds - Domain resource site offering appraisal and sales services.
  • Domain Name - Service that specialize in domain appraisals and evaluations.
  • - Offering domain name appraisals, expired domains and over 600 domains for sale.
  • - Specializes in appraising domain names.
  • DomainAppraiser - Valuation of domain names, messaging boards and a reporting service for sold domains and their selling rates.
  • - On-line valuation of your domain with price given in British pounds.
  • - Services include 1 free appraisal and 2 paid programs.
  • - Domain name appraisal service.
  • DomainMart - Appraise your web address based on a team of independent experts.
  • - Provides digitally-signed domain appraisals and guarantees autheniticity.
  • - A professional domain appraisal service.
  • DomainWorthy - .com, .net and .org appraisals at reasonable prices.
  • Dominame - Offering a free domain appraisal service. Ratings given on 5 fields.
  • DotLog - Domain evaluations using a 6 variable criteria method.
  • DotcomDealers - Value domain names instantly, online for free.
  • Dotcomtrader - Valuation of domain names, as well as a Top 15 listing of the most valuable domains.
  • DozeeVAL - Appraises names with a completely manually, three tier, five step formula including 16 variables.
  • - Offering a selection of domain names for sale.
  • - Provides professional and quick domain appraisals in under 24 hours as well as posted certificates.
  • - Provides auctions, classifides and appraisals for domains.
  • - Domain and website auctions featuring over a million names for sale. Offers appraisal, registration, escrow and chat services. Recently acquired by Network Solutions part of VeriSign.
  • Hollywood Domain Names - Offering domain names for sale or lease, as well as co-op listings for sellers, domain registration, escrow services, and hosting.
  • Honest Domains - Offers Domain appraisals and free listings, displayed by price, with each order.
  • Identity Appraisal - Valuation of domain names using NameLab's intellectual property appraisal formula.
  • - Buy, sell or lease domain names.
  • Lets - Offers domain names for sale or rent, as well as brokerage services for sellers.
  • Price Domains - Offers domain appraisals, transfer and lookup services.
  • - On-Line valuation of domains for free based upon six specific criteria.
  • SoftForces Inc - Appraisals, auctions and information on how to buy and sell domains.
  • Submerged Ideas - Domain appraiser and archive resource for information on internet names.
  • WantedNow.Com - Offers an appraisal certificate to help in getting guidance for the valuation of a domain name.




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